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The "online" begginings

Updated: May 13, 2022

By Javier

We finally did it! We finally got it! After 2 years chasing 100 Layers project, our project finally got granted by the Spanish National Agency for Erasmus +. Organizations and people with different backgrounds related to theatre, storytelling and performing arts were going to gather to develop a project with the aim to create tools and methodologies to promote critical thinking and intercultural dialogue among young people. A project that would support youth workers through methods and tools to work on identities, its complexities and conflicts, in order to understand and accept among youngster with different backgrounds. And then... the COVID-19 global pandemic. How we are going to manage a project based on experiential activities if we cannot even meet?. How can we get fully involved in this project if we cannot feel be close to our new partners and colleagues and create meaningful staff, if we cannot share properly our personal and organizational background? Personally, it was pretty difficult.

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