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The DW-RS foundation believes in the individual and collective power of art and creativity – basing our activities around the core principles of activation, participation and empowerment. Our productions and festivals are designed to reach a wide range of spectators, allowing us to bring together heterogeneous crowds around a shared experience of dance, drama and musical theatre, through made for and by local artists and residents.


Our commitment to art and culture has likewise driven us to work internationally, collaborating and co-creating alongside well-established local organisations who share our vision of a broader participatory scope, so that everyone has access to and can benefit from art and culture.




ELAN INTERCULTUREL is an association created by a group of professionals interested in the challenges of intercultural encounters and coexistence. Our association's objective is to contribute to intercultural dialogue to a better experience of cultural diversity.  

As a laboratory of intercultural methodologies, élan interculturel’s mission is to promote a holistic vision of culture (psychological and socio-anthropological) and to propose innovative pedagogies to open up reflection and to develop skills and competences for intercultural dialogue. To contribute to a more intercultural society we engage in international cooperation projects whose objective is to develop new teaching methodologies that can be used in various training courses tailored to different audiences (social workers, educators, teachers, health professionals etc.). As a training organization, we use interactive teaching methods and non-formal pedagogies (applying literature, theatre, improvisation, art) that offer creative, accessible and motivating learning experiences.




Rooftop Theatre which promotes dialogue both, on and off stage. The mandate of the group is self-reflective art, through collaborative and inclusive processes. The group works with all communities living in Cyprus, individuals and organizations who are interested in sharing a journey of creation and self-discovery. Rooftop’s scope of work includes theatre workshops, performance writing, theatre as an educational tool, Theatre of the Oppressed and society etc. We write and produce our own plays, staging them in many locations all around Cyprus and abroad, with a consistent academic presence, publications and presentations at conferences.

 Rooftop Theatre has extensive experience both in the methodological approaches (sited performance), as well as working with International partners for project development. Since its creation in 2003, RT has worked with collaborative workshops and performance text development, experimenting with various international methodologies and adapting them to the local (Cyprus) post-conflict environment.In Cyprus Rooftop Theatre is a very active organization in the fields of the performing arts, education,and strengthen and support the civil society of Cyprus. Among our regular collaborators we can highlight international organizations as UNDP Cyprus (Garage Project, Derynea 2018), European Parliament Office in Cyprus (Euroscola program 2019, 2020).



La Xixa Teatre Association is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 that aims to research, develop and multiply educational and theatrical tools as a means for social transformation. We believe that education at all ages is the key for social change towards a world with equal opportunities. The scope of our activities are aimed towards the following topics:   

  • School Education, Early School Leaving, Prevention of Risk Behaviour among Youth;  

  • Intercultural Communication, Racism, Xenophobia, Social Inclusion and Integration; 

  • Gender, Equality Policies, and Sexual Diversity; 

  • Peace Culture and Co-existence, Active Citizenship, Civic Engagement, and Local Development. 

The mission of La Xixa is to facilitate the creation of spaces for empowerment through Participatory Methodologies, Process Oriented Psychology and Theatre of the Oppressed to generate processes of individual and collective transformation in contexts of social vulnerability. Participatory Methodologies allow a group with diverse interests to acquire an ever greater role in the analysis of their own reality and decision-making, thus all agents become crucial actors in their own development. Process Oriented Psychology focuses on developing a state of consciousness; i.e. helping individuals and groups to create awareness on how they perceive and live their experiences, and gives them tools to learn to change their approach. Theatre of the Oppressed Theatre (TO) puts theatre at the service of education. We conduct workshops for various groups, training for trainers and artistic actions at a local and international level. We are a multi-disciplinary and multicultural group of collaborators, trained in the field of social sciences, pedagogy and arts. The diversity within our team enriches our social and creative work, and that keeps us in permanent training and learning. 



YEU Cyprus stands for Youth for Exchange and Understanding Cyprus and it is a non- political, non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Nicosia, Cyprus. It was established in 1995 with the aim to advocate for young people raising their voice in society. To do so YEU Cyprus promotes the fostering of close cooperation and better understanding among young people of the world through the exchange of information, experiences and ideas. YEU Cyprus strives to encourage young people to become active members of our society on a local, national and European level. The mission of YEU Cyprus is to establish mutual understanding, acceptance and support among countries, communities and people on cultural, educational and social issues.


It focuses on improving the relationships among youngsters coming from countries with different political systems, religious beliefs and traditions, thus fostering tolerance and mutual respect. It’s vision is to empower and engage young people to create the change they want to see in our societies and this world. In the past three years YEU Cyprus has focused on projects that deal with active citizenship, remembrance, volunteerism, intercultural education, cultural heritage, human rights education, mental health education, sustainability and peace building through the use of non formal methods and then implementation of a variety of local and International projects. The organization has great experience in NFE, since it is one of the first youth organizations implementing non-formal methods in Cyprus, advocates for NFE on a national level and supports lifelong learning through its actions. YEU Cyprus is currently represented in the board of the Cyprus Youth Council and in the board of the Youth Council of the Municipality of Nicosia, advocating on behalf of young people for better representation and a number of other youth related issues. 


Contact person: Nina Poulouzasvili

Project Partners

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