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We kick-off our 1000Layers Youth training!

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

On the 18th of May we kicked-off the 1000LAYERS blended mobility with 33 participants pertaining to 9 different organisations in four countries: Spain, Cyprus, The Netherlands and France. Out of the 33 participants, 24 were young people aged 17 to 25, and a total of 16 participants dedicate themselves to Youth work.

During the 2 hour session dedicated to discuss “Youth, identity and the media”, we began to get to know each other through identity games, and we started to get in touch with how the media portrays young people, how we connect (or not) with such representations, and how we access information.

The session was held in English and Spanish, although there was presence of over 10 different nationalities and mother tongues.

At the end of the session, as ritual we will repeat through each session, participants shared a word they connected with at that moment. Words such as conscious, stressed, enthusiasm, justice, confidence, and peaceful came up. Dealing with an intercultural, multilingual online zoom with over 30 participants to talk about complex issues was both exciting and challenging for all participants, who gave their best to build a safe space so that we could all feel part.

We look forward to our next online encounters which will take place on the 25th of May to discuss “Youth, identity and community” and on the 1st of June to discuss “Youth, identity and extremism”, all in preparation of our one week face-to-face training in Barcelona from the 13-17th June!

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