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About the 1000 Layers Project

1000 Layers is an Erasmus+ strategic partnership involving 5 organizations in 4 countries: DW-RS (NL), Elan Interculturel (FR), YEU Cyprus (CY), Rooftop Theatre (CY) and La Xixa Teatre as project coordinator (SP).

1000 Layers project proposes an innovative methodological approach – the Creative Identities Method – to fill in the current gaps on working with identity in Youth contexts. In particular, we wish to build on and contribute to current practices in addressing generic prevention of radicalisation leading to violence among Youth at the ground floor stage of Moghaddam’s six step model, building on EU recommendations and existing literature.

Creative Identities Method


> Promote social inclusion, diversity and non-discrimination among young people through the Creative Identities Method (CIM) > Engage, connect and empower young people using the CIM in order to: • Enhance critical thinking and media literacy among young • Promote intercultural dialogue • Fight against radicalization and violence among youth by providing alternatives to identity constructions based on single-story and victimhood narratives. > Contribute to quality and innovation in youth work by: • creating participant-centred tools for youth workers based on the CIM • supporting youth workers in developing and sharing effective methods to work with identity-related complexities and conflicts, tackle racism and better reach marginalized young people.


Youth workers, young people (16-25), staff of partner organizations, organizations in the youth sector, policy and decision makers and youth experts. We expect to involve 400 participants from the different target groups in project activities, and disseminate the project to the over 10,000 people that compose our consortium's social network base.


The project main activities are based on the development of the Creative Identities Method (CIM) through the piloting and creation of two intellectual outputs:

  • An identity card game and activity handbook

  • A youth worker handbook on CIM

Additionally, we will be hosting workshops, trainings, youngster and Youth worker mobilities and exchanges, and a final conference for youngsters, Youth workers, and Youth organisations.


We will co-construct the “Creative Identities Method” together with young participants. The CIM will merge the most relevant tools of Process Identity Theory into embodied, participant-centred, creative methods commonly used in Youth work: Theatre of the Oppressed, Storytelling and Process Work. The CIM will provide tools for Youth workers to engage in identity exploration and resilience-building with young people.

  • Process Identity Theory

  • Process Work

  • Storytelling

  • Theatre of the Oppressed


We will develop a new methodology and two outputs to explore identities in youth contexts in order to promote social inclusion, non-discrimination, critical thinking, critical media literacy, and resilience among young people. The outputs will support Youth workers in their work with youngsters, particularly those facing fewer opportunities and vulnerable situations. Outputs will be available for download in English and all project languages, from the project web, the Erasmus+ Results Platform and the SALTO-Youth Platform. At least 400 participants and 40 organizations active in the youth field will be trained and/or informed on the Creative Identities Method. ​ We expect to create and promote an inclusive and diverse vision of European identity, fighting single-story and victimhood narratives within identity constructions among young people. The Creative Identity Manifesto during the project's final conference, created by young project participants, will promote this vision and will be broadly disseminated.


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