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Joint Staff Training - April 2021

Updated: May 7, 2022

Throughout the month of April, the 1000 Layers partner organisations carried out the project's online Joint Staff Training.

Partner organisations: DW-RS, Elan Interculturel, Rooftop Theatre, YEU, La Xixa Teatre

During this training, we

  • acquired all necessary contents, methods and skills to implement the project and develop intellectual outputs

  • made an initial approach on how to bring the methods together, engaging in methodological innovations needed to create project activities and outputs, and envisioning as a team the best way in which methods can contribute to reaching project expected results and impact

  • experimented teaching methods to produce 1000LAYERS-related trainings for the first time, and get feedback from the rest of the participants

  • prepared ourselves for the possibility of delivering activities online in case it is required by Covid-19 containment measures

Specific workshops:

  • Concepts related to interculturality in youth contexts, by Elan

  • Storytelling activities to work with youngsters and life stories, by DW-RS

  • Activities to link interculturality concepts and life stories together, by Elan

  • Journalistic theatre with youngsters, by La Xixa

  • Bringing all methods together, by La Xixa

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