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1000 Layers Piloting Experiences to create the Youth Worker Handbook

Updated: May 7, 2022

"Exploring creative identities: a Youth worker handbook" is co-constructed with young people through piloting in Spain, The Netherlands, Cyprus and France to guide Youth workers in using the Creative Identities Method. This method brings together Identity Process Theory, Storytelling, Theatre of the Oppressed and Process Work to create an innovative approach to manage identity-based conflicts among Youth. The handbook will provide step-by-step guidelines for Youth workers to engage, connect and empower young people using the Creative Identities Method, as well as four case studies (one per country, explaining the experience of the pilot workshops) that will illustrate concrete ways the method can be implemented.

Youth workers will be able to use this output together with the identity cards and activities, or on its own. Although it is not a must, exploring the identity cards before or while using the handbook (whether it is only by the Youth worker or with the entire group) will provide the Youth worker with a strong theoretical background, and will equip him/her with tools to better understand how to work with identity within the creative process proposed in the handbook.

The handbook will be available in PDF to download and print if needed, although the layout will take into account a user friendly on-screen design (ie. Easy to view and navigate on a mobile device) to discourage users from printing unless it is really necessary.


Provide youth workers with a method to:

  • engage youth in creative processes to critically explore their identities and how these are constructed

  • use embodied methodologies to develop youth competences: critical thinking, self-awareness, social awareness, problem solving, abstract thinking, etc.

  • promote inclusive values and non-discrimination among youth

  • explore identity related conflicts and youth-centered alternatives to these conflicts

  • construct artistic products that youth can take back to their communities to generate critical social dialogue about identity and co-existence

  • build resilience among young people to deal with complex social situations

Find the handbook in the Results section

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