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Piloting in The Netherlands

Updated: May 13, 2022

By Hamed (DW-RS)

We had a pilot session with the Level organisation in Amsterdam. Levvel is an organisation that helps young girl up to the age of 18. They provide a safe living space where these young girls can be safe and focus on their own life and studies. In our pilot session we did some bonding exercises to develop trust and safety between us, the girls and also their guidances who also contributed in our pilot. After those exercises we started with the card game. They responded very well and of course we had some troubles with convincing them to try to open up a bit more but eventually we got the whole group there. When we started to share our personal stories through the cards everybody was listening and responding when it was their turn. The girls realised that they had more in common as they expected and were jumping in with sharing their own personal experiences and memories. That was quite in interesting development that even their guidances did not expect. Overall their guidances where quite impressed that we had their attention for almost two hours and that they were open to share their so much. They confirmed that what have piloted was successful and the girls also gave feedback on how to develop our exercises and card game even further.

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